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SERVICES: Whether you are looking to purchase a new property, sell your existing property or suspect any problems in your current home, there are many advantages to hiring a professional building surveyor to complete a house inspection. House inspections, also known as building reports and pre-purchase inspections, are an examination on the current systems and condition of a property. Building inspections cover the examination of: construction of the building, doors, windows, roofs, wall claddings, electricals and wiring, plumbing, foundations, heating sytems, visible insulation and roof and subfloor space. Size, location and age of the property will generally determine the quote of your building inspection. You can potentially save yourself large amounts of money by getting a property inspection before purchasing a new house.

OWN BUILDING: Buying a property inspection from the BCS registered building surveyor is beneficial to every residential or commercial property owner. Whether you currently own or want to buy a property, you will not regret making the decision to purchase a profesional property inspection beforehand.

SELLING YOUR PROPERTY - Home & Commercial Buildings: As a seller, a property inspection can help you set a reasonable sale price. By reducing your price according to any issues found with the house, you can increase the chances of a quick sale. Otherwise you can choose to resolve any issues with the house beforehand, and sell the property problem-free without having to reduce the price.

LEAKY HOME INSPECTION: If you have musty smells or water stains in your building, it may be a good idea to purchase a moisture survey and weather tightness check. Our BCS building surveyor can complete these checks to discover a range of problems - from minor plumbing leaks to discovering that the cladding or roof of your home is leaky. If these problems are discovered and fixed early, you can potentially save yourself large amounts of money.

BUYING A PROPERTY - PRE PURCHASE INSPECTION & REPORT: A Build Consultancy Services inspection can help determine any potential problems with the property before you purchase it - giving you the opportunity to negotiate on sale price if there are any issues. If the property is being sold through tender or auction process, a property inspection completed prior to making your first offer can help minimise the conditions. Also, your bank may require a building report before they will loan any money for the property purchase.


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